Website Tips

The Images on this site were made with relitive eas, if you follow the tips you can make really good images. Warning you need Paintshop Pro 5 do do the following images.


Choose a font you wish to use for the effect you want.

Then follw the following tips. Italic Tips Normal text


Choose the Italic Font you want to use and the size you want and the colours you want, we have used a normal colour for the top and a lighter colour for the shaddow.

Now you have the font, you'll want to give it a shadow, so go to image, effects, drop shadow. now you images looks like this.

Now it looks ok, but if you now go to images, effects, cutout it gives it an empty effect, like this.

At this stage it looks cool.

Now to make it look really cool go to, image, other, hot wax coating. and you get somthing that looks like this. Watch out at this stage it loos like you've ruined your image(on most fonts anyway some look really cool like the main logo.)

the give it another shadow like above, making the shaddow look better.

And the final stage is go to images, effect, chisel. And you get the final image.

What about these.

These simple stages make quite a cool images click here to go to the top

Normal Text

When you aren't using italic fonts, I recomend you use thick fonts like couria new, and others. If you follow the same rules as above you get different effects.

On this image I haven't used cutout but given it around 3 hotwax coatings. this font is normal fat. Also notice